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Human Scale

The cyber security industry is obsessed with scale, because it's mainly profit driven. We aim to be different. While we aim to serve as many as possible, we recognize that many things are lost in the mass spamming of marketing emails, tiered customer support and "AI" driven operations of security SaaS offerings.

There is no replacement for the human touch. Direct cyber aims to foster human connection, and through that, build community resilience together from the bottom up. We will deliver the message to your front desk with muffins if that's what it takes.

We acknowledge burnout as one of the biggest problems in cyber security, and recognize the limitations of human time, energy and resources, being careful not to drown any of our employees or customers in sheer scale.


The internet has enabled ubiquitous connection of anyone and anything in the world, even some that shouldn't be connected. We aim to prioritize local targets within the country and territories of our operators, as we believe the best work is connected with one's community.

Trusted channels

We believe in trusted back channels to rapidly communicate important threat intel. Personal and trusted back channels enable high-fidelity and low-noise alerting.

Low level of shame

People are not perfect; we make mistakes. We try our best, but at certain times due to high levels of active exploitation or urgency, it's better to take action sooner or later even if there's no way to confirm exploitability of your asset.

(Inspired by the Gitlab handbook)